TRENZ facilitates business-to-business travel trade attracting high quality businesses and representatives who are ready to do business. These include: 

  • Trade ready tourism companies representing New Zealand’s best tourism product
  • High quality travel trade Buyers and wholesalers representing targeted global markets
  • New Zealand tourism industry leaders and representatives and top government representatives
  • Businesses providing services to our tourism operators
  • International and New Zealand Media.

TRENZ 2024 will be held at: 

Tākina Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre
217 Wakefield Street

If you are already registered on TRENZ Connect, keep an eye out for updates and information on registering for TRENZ 2024.

If you are not already on TRENZ Connect and are interested in being part of the TRENZ programme, start now. Register your interest by clicking the link below. TRENZ Connect allows you to start connecting with international Buyers and New Zealand tourism operators immediately and will provide delegates with up to date information for plans for TRENZ 2024. Register your interest here

TRENZ is managed and delivered by Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) on behalf of the Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust (TINZT) which owns the event. The Trust is a charitable organisation that provides grants for educational purposes. 

TIA membership is voluntary and is not required to join TRENZ Connect or attend a TRENZ even in person. However, TIA members receive substantial discounts, as well as the profile and credibility associated with belonging to New Zealand's largest tourism association. 

If you want to access the TIA member discount for TRENZ where applicable, you must be a full, paid up member of TIA before registering for the event. Find out more about benefits of TIA membership and how to join.

Please wear business attire during the official event hours. You will also need to bring suitable layers of clothing, a rain jacket and walking shoes if you are joining the TRENZ Activity Famils. 

TRENZ is taking place at the beginning of our winter season. Because of this, you should be prepared for sudden changes in weather and temperature.

Several layers of clothing and a rain jacket are recommended, with a warm overcoat or jacket for use when outside.

In a typical Wellington month of May, the mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures are 14ºC and 3ºC (57ºF and 37ºF.)

You can check weather conditions in New Zealand on the MetService website.

Tākina is located directly across both from Readings on Wakefield and Barnett Street car park. Parking is available all-day Monday-Sunday at Readings on Wakefield and Monday-Saturday at Barnett Street.

More info on Wakefield Street parking

Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust
318 Lambton Quay
Account Number: 03-0502-0621720-00

For International Payments:
BSB: 030502
Account: 0621720-00


TRENZ Connect is an interactive online platform that enables eligible international trade-ready New Zealand tourism operators to easily connect with international tourism and travel Buyers. The platform also facilitates connections between New Zealand operators and other companies offering services to support tourism businesses, such as marketing and digital agencies, consultancies, etc.   

The platform is ‘always on’,  providing up-to-date information on New Zealand’s tourism products and allowing connections between Buyers and Sellers to take place year-round. It serves as a one-stop-shop for all New Zealand tourism news. Keep an eye out for virtual events held throughout the year, which include appointment sessions as well as informational sessions with live speakers. 

For those that qualify for the TRENZ annual in-person trade show, the platform is your digital gateway for registrations, pre-event planning and information. 

Buyers, Sellers, Tourism Services and Media must meet criteria to gain access to the platform, ensuring we are always facilitating connections between trade-ready companies. 

Click here to read our critieria

Companies interested in joining the platform can register their interest here

Once you have been approved to list your profile on TRENZ Connect, your company’s nominated key contact person (your ‘TRENZ contact') will be asked to provide all company and registration information required.  

Once registered, you will be required to upload the information, imagery, and collateral you wish to display on your company's listing pages using a simple online template. The TRENZ contact should be the main point of contact for all things TRENZ - they will register your business and manage the company profile on an ongoing basis.  You may nominate more than one person if this role is to be shared. 

Our development team will use the content from your template to create a listing page for you, which may take a up to 10 working days. The team will then publish your listing and you will be notified when it is live. 

Administrators will also be able to add any other representatives as delegates within their business who wish to have access to the platform to conduct trade, as well as keep listing details up to date and manage registrations for virtual and in-person events. 

Each person who wishes to use the platform from an eligible business will have their own unique profile and login. Their details will be displayed on the company profile, however specific contact details will only be displayed once they have accepted or been accepted as a connection with another business. Everyone within an organisation will have a shared overview of the account. 

You must ensure you have at least one person selected in the delegates area of TRENZ Connect for other companies to be able to connect with yours. 

Yes, there are user guides within the platform and support is provided to build the listing pages. Information on these pages can be updated at any time and change requests will be processed by the TRENZ team. Contact details for support can be found on the platform. 

You must upload your content in order for your profile to be made live. We will process your profile as soon as possible. Please allow up to 10 working days for your page to be loaded once you have submitted your content. You will receive a confirmation email once your page is live.  

If you would like to submit changes to your page, you can do using the instructions within TRENZ Connect. 

Thanks to the generous funding of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, subscriptions to TRENZ Connect are currently free. 

TRENZ Connect is designed to complement the annual physical TRENZ event. Being ‘always on’ ensures that companies can join and start connecting, add or change product offerings and continue to develop existing relationships all year round rather than being restricted to the trade show period. 

While is consumer focused, TRENZ Connect is trade focused. Buyers and Sellers may be able to use a lot of the same information and assets across both platforms to achieve different outcomes. 

For any further queries, please contact the TRENZ team on


A Seller is a person or organisation selling New Zealand tourism product, which has been accepted by the organiser to attend the event after completing an application form.

A standard Seller package includes:

  • a space for holding your appointments with furniture package and branded sign;
  • an appointment stream; and
  • a full delegate pass to the tradeshow with Welcome Function and Farewell Function tickets.

Additional full passes, day passes, and function tickets are available to purchase. Note all passes must be allocated to staff currently employed by your company. 

View Seller pricing

No. This is an appointment-based trade show and Sellers are required to have an appointment book in order to meet with Buyers.

Companies wanting to attend as Sellers must have purchased a standard package and allocated one person to the appointment book. 

Sellers can add additional full passes and day passes, but these do not include appointments. All people allocated to passes must be current employees of the company. 

Yes, we offer day passes to registered Seller companies. You can purchase these in the online shopping cart in the registration portal. Note all delegates must be employees of the company. 

All delegates allocated to Seller passes must be current employees of the company. Boards and governance groups are not permitted to be allocated to passes. Please contact the events team at TIA to discuss options.

A marketing cluster means a company that represents and markets one or more New Zealand tourism products and/or services internationally and does not contract product directly. These products cannot already be represented at TRENZ independently. Refer to the Seller Criteria for further information.

For Sellers, the total number of possible appointments depends on their appointment stream:

  • Single appointment book – up to 50 pre-scheduled appointments.
  • Shared appointment book – up 25 pre-scheduled appointments. 

There are two phases to the appointment process: appointment requests and appointment scheduling. 

If you're an appointment-taking delegate or a Primary Buyer, you'll find appointment requesting in the delegate portal of TRENZ Connect:

To request your appointments:
Step 1: Log into TRENZ Connect
Step 2: On the home page, click the ‘Appointments’ banner to be taken to the list of organisations attending the event. 
Step 3: To request an appointment with an organisation, click the ‘Request’ button to add them to your request list. Your requests will automatically save. You may request a maximum of 65 appointments for full appointment streams and 35 for shared appointment streams. 

Appointment requesting will be available from 27 February to 19 March. Appointments will be created based on mutual requests in the first instance (depending on availability). 

The TRENZ team creates a customised appointment schedule primarily based on mutual preference appointment requests from Buyers and Sellers so you will meet with who is the most appropriate for your business.

Appointment algorithm

When the appointment schedule algorithm runs, it works on the following order:
1. Matching mutual requests where both delegates have requested to see one another
2. Assessing the priority ranking given by delegates to each appointment request.
3. Determining whether common appointment slots are available in both schedules.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that all appointment request will be met. However, we are confident that if you make mutual requests and ranked the delegates you most wish to see as a high priority, our system will generate the best possible schedule.

We encourage you to connect with the Buyers whom you wish to meet at TRENZ via TRENZ Connect. You can send them a message at time of connecting advising who you are, that you will be attending TRENZ and ask them to request an appointment with you. This will dramatically increase the chance of having an appointment prescheduled since priority is given to mutual requests.

Note: Connection requests are not the same as appointment requests. Connection requests on TRENZ Connect are separate to the appointment requests for the physical event.

There could be numerous reasons, for example:

  1. The schedule of the Buyer or Seller you requested was full;
  2. There was no interest from the Buyer and/or Seller; and/or
  3. Your schedule did not have an open appointment time that matched an open appointment time on that of the Buyer or Seller you requested.

This is known as the appointment scheduling phase. Once you receive your appointment schedule, you will be able to go back into the appointment scheduling area and manually schedule additional appointments with Buyers you would like to meet with where you both have open time slots.

If you have been accepted as a New Product or as a New Seller, you will be promoted to Buyers and Media by:

  • being identified as a New Product in the Sellers Search available in the registration portal,
  • promotion to Buyers and Media via TRENZ Connect, TRENZ Tips, social media, and
  • physical highlighting of your booth onsite at TRENZ.

Yes. Your registration contact will be able to transfer passes between individuals in your business via the registration portal. This option is available right up until the event commences on 8 May 2024.

Full payment must be received no later than 20 December 2023  for delegates to get access to the delegate portal to make appointment requests. 

If the attending company cancels a confirmed TRENZ registration, written notification must be sent to Tourism Industry Aotearoa. Cancellation fees are as follows: 

Cancellations after 5.01pm NZT on 20 December 2023 will incur a 50% cancellation fee; and 
Cancellations after 5.01pm NZT on 1 February 2024 will incur a 100% cancellation fee. 

When all of the footprints have been assigned and entered into the database, the Seller registration contact will receive an email with their booth along with a link to the floor plan. 

Famils are just targeted at Buyers and Media in 2024. 


An International Buyer is defined as a Buyer who is based overseas and purchasing New Zealand product. They are required to attend the full TRENZ programme. Registrations cannot be shared between delegates at the event. A New Zealand Buyer is defined as a Buyer who is based in New Zealand and purchasing New Zealand product.

Review the International and New Zealand Buyer criteria here

International Buyer invitations are not transferable. If someone else from your company wants to attend instead of you, please contact the TRENZ team before registering. All Buyer change-outs after registration are subject to approval and may attract an administration fee. 

Bank number: 03-0502-0621720-00
Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust
Swift Code: WPACNZ2W

Your Buyer delegate package includes four nights’ accommodation at an Official TRENZ Accommodation Partner or Provider. Accommodation will be allocated by the TRENZ team and details will be provided in March 2024. 

  • Check-in date is Tuesday 7 May 2024
  • Check-out date is Saturday 11 May 2024

See the Buyer packages here

Accommodation booking confirmation will be available in your TRENZ event portal in mid-late March 2024. 

Buyers who wish to book accommodation nights in addition to the four nights included in the TRENZ delegate package are required to book and pay on a direct basis with the property. Buyers will be informed of their allocated accommodation in March. 

Travel to New Zealand is not included within the TRENZ Buyer package. Air New Zealand, Premier Sponsor of TRENZ provides international economy flights to New Zealand for selected Buyers. Buyers will be notified within their TRENZ invitations if they are eligible to receive sponsored flights. 

Tourism Services

A Tourism Service is an organisation that is providing product or services which are primarily of interest to Sellers and has been accepted to attend as a Tourism Services Attendee by the event organiser after completing an application form.

Tourism Services specific information can be found on the Tourism Services page

The Tourism Tech Hub is your chance to showcase key technology opportunities for tourism operators and connect face to face over the two full days of TRENZ. This is the perfect opportunity to connect and network with the tourism industry.

  • Do you have a new technology that the industry needs to be aware of such as VR or robotics?
  • Do you offer innovative technology solutions for the tourism industry?
  • Are you a marketing or digital agency with innovative new tools to enhance capability?

All Tourism Services are required to purchase a standard Tourism Services package which includes:

  • Footprint – standard 1.8m x 1.8m space in the Tourism Tech Hub with furniture, light, power
  • Delegate pass – one full delegate pass including entry to the tradeshow both days, a ticket to the Welcome function and Farewell function
  • Profile - Profile on TRENZ website Tourism Tech Hub page with logo and 150 word blurb, and profile on TRENZ online platform
  • Access to attend the Speaker Series presentations 

Note: There is no scheduled appointment stream for Tourism Services.

Additional full passes, day passes, and function tickets are available to purchase. All passes must be allocated to staff currently employed by your company. 

View Tourism Services pricing.

For TRENZ 2024 there are no scheduled appointments for Tourism Services. There will still be plenty of opportunities both on the exhibition floor and networking functions for you to network and have informal conversations with Sellers.

The designated TRENZ contact for a Tourism Services company can register additional delegates through the online shopping cart in the registration portal.

Yes, we offer day passes to registered Tourism Services companies, each pass must be allocated to a current employee of the company. You can purchase these in the online shopping cart in the registration portal.

  • Print, broadcast, and interactive media 
  • Systems and technology companies 
  • Advertising and public relations businesses 
  • Suppliers of souvenirs and merchandise 
  • Research consultants 
  • Businesses offering marketing systems (SEO/SEM, email campaigns, social media, web design) 
  • Revenue and reservation systems companies 

Tourism Services will be in the Tourism Tech Hub at TRENZ. This will be in a key area of the exhibition floor, the Tourism Tech Hub will provide an area for delegates to discover new technologies and interact with the exhibitors.

Tourism Services final payment is due 20 December 2023 (5pm NZT). 

If no payment is received, delegates will not get access to the delegate portal. 

If the attending company cancels a confirmed TRENZ registration, written notification must be sent to Tourism Industry Aotearoa. Cancellation fees are as follows: 

Cancellations after 5.01pm NZT on 20 December 2023 will incur a 50% cancellation fee; and 
Cancellations after 5.01pm NZT on 1 February 2024 will incur a 100% cancellation fee. 

For TRENZ 2024 there are no scheduled appointments for Tourism Services. There will still be plenty of opportunities both on the exhibition floor and networking functions for you to network and have informal conversations with Sellers.


Media registrations are by invitation only. If you would like to attend but have not received an invitation from the TRENZ team, please contact to discuss your interest.

Qualifying media will receive flights and up to three nights accommodation with our Official Accommodation Providers. 

There are no scheduled appointments for Media, however there is time in the programme for Media to meet with Sellers informally.